3D Action RPG Arknights: Endfield Coming to PS5

Gryphline has announced Arknights: Endfield is coming to PlayStation 5. The 3D action RPG doesn’t have a release window yet.

Arknights is a Chinese mobile gacha game with a tower defense RPG system. It received anime adaptations due to its high popularity and is still ongoing.

Arknights: Endfield takes place far in the future, many generations after Talos-II was discovered. Despite Endfield Industries’ best efforts, the planet remains untamed.

Some of the characters already confirmed for the game include supervisor Perlica, the mercenary Wulfgard, the mysterious Xaihi, the knight Ember, former armed messenger of the TGCC Avywenna, ex-beastslayer Fjall, and operators Angelina and Chen Qianyu.

The new title promises to offer a real-time experience with strategy elements. Though the announcement video does feature a look at some in-engine combat, it’s a little too fast to properly showcase its details.

Check out the trailer: