A New Astro Bot Game Could Be Made This Year—Rumor

Astro Bot

Despite previous announcements that suggest that Sony has nothing major when it comes to game releases this coming fiscal year, there is a rumor that states that a new Astro Bot could be launching this year.

Coming from Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb, he claims to have heard that there might be an Astro game in the works. More importantly, one that could potentially be released this year. Although taking the hearsay with a pinch of salt himself, he nevertheless considered the move a “major” one for the community, if true, even if Sony does not. He, however, hopes that Sony can make the IP a major one, which could change things around.

The last Astro game that graced the audience was still the 3D platformer Astro’s Playroom, which was released in 2020. Every PS5 owner, to date, should be familiar with this game as it comes pre-installed on their console.

But Astro’s Playroom was not necessarily the next-gen console’s initial rodeo with the Astro franchise. Back in 2018, there was the PlayStation VR game Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, which was used in a free tech demo aimed at showcasing the power of the DualSense controller.