A new Spider-Man 2 suit is being designed by Real Madrid’s forward

Spider-Man 2

The roster of costumes in Spider-Man 2 is about to get an addition as Real Madrid’s forward Vini Jr. is said to be providing his design.

In a video posted on X, the 41-second video sees Vini Jr. announcing his “special collaboration” with PlayStation where he is tasked to “design a Spidey-Suit”. It also mentions that the partnership will include the help of apparel design @KidSuper.

The post is part of Vini Jr.’s promise of something “very, very special” to fans, of possibly not only himself but also of Spider-Man as well.

A true blue Brazilian, the popular soccer player hinted at a possible design involving a color scheme patterned after Brazil. Possibly, about its flag, which is predominantly green with a blue circular symbol in the middle and a yellow rectangle in its backdrop. That is, adding that “the people of Brazil will love it”.

Vini Jr. raising the idea will not necessarily guarantee that it will make it into the final design choice. However, that is certainly an interesting piece of idea, which could bring something refreshing to the game, as far as aesthetics.