Action RPG ‘Fate Seeker II’ Coming To PS5 in Early July

Jusdan International, together with developer JSL Entertainment, have recently announced that they will release the Chinese action RPG Fate Seeker II for PlayStation 5 on July 4th, 2024.

Fate Seeker II was previously available via Steam since November 22, 2021, but only Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese were supported. Now, the game will have English text as an option.

Fate Seeker II tells the tale of Zhuge Yu, a rebellious youth, whose unwavering determination guides him through challenging paths of growth and rebellion. Having lost his parents when he was young, he is fueled by the sad loss of his family, and his heart burns with a strong sense of justice.

Honoring his ancestors’ good deeds, Zhuge Yu is determined to cleanse the land of corruption, confronting dishonest officials. Players need to carefully gather clues, search for various traces, and secrets step by step to uncover mysteries. As the plot thickens, players engage in interactive debates with a diverse cast of characters, ultimately peeling away layers of deception to expose the truth concealed beneath the surface.

You can watch the announcement trailer below: