Adidas launches Spider-Man 2 collection to celebrate new game

Adidas x Spider-Man 2

World-class shoe brand Adidas is partnering up with Insomniac Games and Marvel anew to bring a new, limited edition pair of sneakers to the fans—the ADIDAS x Marvel Spider-Man Ultra 4D Advanced. The launch of the shoe coincides with the upcoming release of Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 5 on October 20, 2023.

Targeting both the openly web-slinging hero fans and the secretly Spidey people at heart alike, the new crossover sneaker mixes Adidas’s prowess in making high-quality pair of kicks and the Spider-Man franchise’s iconic motif. However, this time with a twist of Venom aesthetics added into it, going in line with the popular archnemesis’ presence in the upcoming video game title.

In the same way that the symbiote costume did not come into being without Peter Parker fusing with the black sphere, the ADIDAS x Marvel Spider-Man Ultra 4D Advanced symbolizes it with a design that seemingly depicts two unique elements in the process of blending.

While the somewhat abstract design of the shoe is open to different interpretations, one thing is certain about it. There is no denying how cool this footwear is, especially when you choose to pair it with upper wear that Adidas is planning to release soon.

Available via Tilly’s website, the ADIDAS x Marvel Spider-Man Ultra 4D Advanced can be bought for $220.