Alone in the Dark Reboot Gets Welcome To Derceto Trailer

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Pieces Interactive have shared a new trailer for Alone in the Dark. The video shows a bit of the story and gameplay for the series reboot.

Alone in the Dark is a classic survival horror series that started back in 1992. While the first games were released on PC first, the fourth title, The New Nightmare, had its PlayStation release before going to Windows.

For the new title, we follow Emily Hartwood or Edward Carnby in their exploration of the Derceto Manor. Looking for Emily’s missing uncle, the duo will find that the place has more shady things than expected.

Strange residents, sinister monsters, and shady events will force them to face unknown, dangerous threats.

Check out the trailer:

The new Alone in the Dark game will come to PlayStation 5 on March 20, 2024.