Among Us gets free map update on PS4, PS5

Among Us The Fungle

Online multiplayer social deduction game Among Us just gets a free map update on the PS4 and PS5 with The Fungle. It is its first since March 2021.

Set on a planet inhabited by mushrooms, The Fungle offers a completely different world for the Crewmates, which also means different ways to die. That is, whether by the impostor among the players or the hazardous flora of the map.

Innersloth describes The Fungle as “Made up of sandy beaches, mushroom jungles, and cliffs,” and with plenty of new things to discover. Players should be wary of the shores as it is the place where the impostor is likely to find someone alone, while the highlands offer a good vantage point to see the areas below.

The new map also comes with it new set of activities for the player to do. Whether they play frisbee, roast marshmallows, fish, or lift weights, The Fungle is certainly a region that offers new ways to do things for the non-impostors.

While it is certainly a challenge to go on a killing spree on a map full of suspicious individuals, the new map is making it quite possible with the Mushroom Mixup. In this form of sabotage, everybody’s colors become temporarily switched, which provides an opportunity for the impostor to give in to the bloodlust.

Coinciding the new map is the latest update for the game, version 2023.10.24, which comes with changes that apply across multiple platforms, thanks to full crossplay support.