Apex Legends, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth collab will let Legends wield Cloud’s Buster Sword

Apex Legends Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Buster Sword

A crossover between Apex Legends and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was announced during The Game Awards last December, which will bring together two of the hottest titles in 2024. Following up on that announcement, a new trailer is dropped, showcasing what players of the former can expect as the event officially rolls out on January 9, 2024.

While the event will expectedly add iconic motifs from the popular JRPG, one element sticks out for being the signature to the franchise—Cloud’s Buster Sword as an addition to Apex Legends’ list of Heirloom Weapons.

Final Fantasy Takes Over

To last for only three weeks, the collaborative event will introduce a new LTM, which will temporarily replace the unranked battle royale mode. Dubbed “Final Fantasy Takeover,” the new mode brings Final Fantasy VII’s archetypal and colorful Materia to the foray via Cactuar-themed beings called “Cacticks”.

Regarded as special Loot Ticks, Cacticks contain Materia HopUps, which give players a significant boost if destroyed. For instance, the player can gain a lightning-based AOE attack, the ability to absorb the opponent’s hit points, or summon an AI-controlled SOLDIER called Nessie to aid in battle.

Aside from Materia, the limited-time event will also be renowned in Apex Legends history as the occasion when Buster Sword became a Heirloom Weapon in-game. Wieding the Buster Sword comes with a few advantages, such as being able to deflect bullets and make a dash. But the sword’s usefulness is especially highlighted when used for offensives, such as with Limit Breaks.

During the event, players can also choose to don their favorite Legend with costumes that transform their looks. From a total of 36 cosmetic items, players will able to make their avatar resemble FFVII’s notable characters. For example, Horizon can be changed to make a look-alike of Aerith; Crypto to look like Cloud; Wraith to look like Vincent Valentine; and more. Collecting all 36 cosmetics will also reward players with yet another cosmetic, inspired by Sephiroth—The One-Winged Angel Deathbox.