Atlas Fallen Publisher Focus Entertainment Rebrands As Pullup Entertainment This April

PulluP Entertainment

Focus Entertainment, a well-known publisher of popular titles like Atomic Heart, Atlas Fallen, Evil West, A Plague Tale: Requiem, and Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, has just announced that they will be rebranding and shifting its label to PulluP Entertainment in April this year.

According to Game Developer, word about the rebranding came alongside the company’s Q3 earnings report, which was unfortunately marked with lower revenue compared to last year. However, the reduced income was largely due to the publishing company not having any releases in recent months.

Per the report, Focus Entertainment stated, “There was no major games release during the quarter while the third quarter of the previous year benefited from the successful launches of A Plague Tale: Requiem and Evil West, resulting in a high comparison base”.

But while common decisions for rebranding are often to leave behind an old name in favor of the new, possibly as a signal of a new start, Focus Entertainment will not be completely ditching the name. Instead, once it rebrands to Pullup Entertainment, the company is going to be subdivided into three unique branches, one of which is called Focus Entertainment.

Specifically, PulluP Entertainment will consist of Focus Entertainment, The Arcade Crew, and the Studios Division.

Focus Entertainment Publishing, which will be helmed by Deputy Managing Director John Bert, will deal with indie and retro titles while working with other, smaller developers.

On an almost similar function to Focus Entertainment, The Arcade Crew will be under the leadership of Dotemu CEO and Deputy Managing Director Cyrille Imbert.

The Studios Division, meanwhile, will comprise of PulluP’s seven in-house studios, namely Deck13, Twelve Tenths, Streumon, Blackmill, Dovetail, Leikir Studio, and Carpool Studio.