Atlus Japan employees to get a 15% salary increase

Atlus Japan

Atlus Japan has called for another wage increase for its employees as the global reputation of its IPs has grown significantly in recent years. This time, by 15 percent to every worker’s annual salary, following up on and adding to August 2023’s 5 percent raise.

Effectively, concordant with the pronounced salary increase, all affected Atlus Japan personnel will have a total of 20 percent bump to their yearly income in 2023.

It means that, per PR Times, when the new members of the workforce join the company in April 2024, the starting salary will be raised to ¥300,000 in contrast to the current estimation of ¥257,000.

Aside from Atlus’ intellectual property getting wider prominence abroad, part of the salary hike is aimed at bolstering the company’s IPs and being competitive in the market. This means better compensation for employees as the company strives to push the envelope and meet up with the audience’s growing expectations.

Atlus has been hitting it big in the past several years, with franchises such as the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series finding wider acclaim among the global audience. And with the remake of Persona 3, or Persona 3 Reload, being in the works, the game company is anticipated to have another successful title under its sleeve.