Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora disc version requires active internet to install

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Booting a day one copy of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora on an offline PlayStation 5 console would face a stuck game logo—that is unless the console connects to the internet.

Redditor Interesting-Squash81 took to X (formerly Twitter) to share what happens when an early copy of the physical version of the game is booted from a console devoid of internet connectivity.

Per the Redditor, all they get is the game logo alongside the game’s release date, December 7, 2023. In an attempt to work around the issue, the Redditor tried to change the console’s date and time. More specifically, set it ahead of time from the present, only to encounter the same issue on the next bootup.

Meanwhile, speculations run about, some saying that the issue could be due to a day-one patch that the game is about to receive. Others are presuming that it could be due to an online verification. Either way, at least at the time of the report, people who got an early copy were unable to play the game on the PS5 while offline.

However, a quick look into the game’s box art suggests something that many may have missed from the start. In particular, the label states, “Internet required to install the game”. Though, it is said that the commercial packaging came with some modifications relative to the previous box, involving said label.

As of writing, the issue appears to have been resolved with Redditors claiming to be from Europe able to play the game for hours without a hitch.