Besaid From Final Fantasy X Gets Guitar Cover on Square Enix Official Music Channel

Square Enix has shared a guitar cover for the music Besaid. This track comes from the PS2 classic Final Fantasy X. The game and its sequel received a remaster for PS3, PS Vita, and PS4.

Besaid is the theme song for the island with the same name. It’s a location in the southern area of the Spira world, the main location of the game.

While Nobuo Uematsu was responsible for most tracks from Final Fantasy X, Masashi Hamauzu is the composer of this particular music. The new arrangement for a solo guitar was made by Toru Tabei, who performs the music in the video. Mai Kondo is responsible for recording the music at Landmark Studio.

Check out the full video:

Square Enix has been sharing similar piano and guitar covers for classic titles in their Music Channel. We’ve previously covered their guitar cover of Chrono Trigger’s Battle with Magus.