Bestiario Gets First Look Trailer

Spanish studio Wiggin Industries has shared a first look trailer at Bestiario. This turn-based RPG inspired by classic Japanese titles is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 according to the official PlayStation YouTube account.

Bestiario tells the story of a group of beast hunters trying to protect the world from a new threat after a pandemic. The team includes Axis Soldado, Lérez Soldado, Alfredo Alcaraz, and Ruth Burdeos.

The main character is a lazy bum who is undergoing a mid-30s life crisis. Meanwhile, his sister, Lérez, is a hellhound with a noble disposition.

The video also showcases Alfredo and the mythical creature bound to him. It doesn’t highlight Ruth, but the game’s Kickstarter describes her as a cautious young witch learning to trust the group.

Check out the trailer:

Bestiario doesn’t have a date for release but the Kickstarter’s “estimated delivery” is around December 2026.