Bloober Team CEO Expresses Disappointment on Silent Hill 2 Trailer

Silent Hill 2

Amid a mixed reception for Silent Hill 2 Remake’s most recent trailer, Bloober Team CEO has put out a statement that it “does not reflect the spirit of the game”.

In the PlayStation State of Play presentation held last January, fans who have been anticipating the development of 2022 announced remake of Silent Hill 2 were immersed in the developing title’s “combat reveal trailer”. However, not all viewers were impressed with the demo, with roughly 46 percent of them feeling dissatisfied.

Via an interview with the Polish investor news channel, which was transcribed by Eurogamer Poland, Bloober Team President Piotr Babieno said that he understands where the criticism is coming from. He went on to jokingly state that he wrote some of the negative comments themselves.

The slightly over a minute-and-a-half trailer was largely lambasted for its unappealing visuals and a general sense of stiffness. Babieno, meanwhile, blames the marketing team at Konami for putting up the trailer that did not seem reflective of the developing title’s actuality.

“It’s not the spirit of what used to be, or what we’re creating now,” said Babieno.

“We’re trying to fully capture this romantic vision of a game that debuted 22 years ago. It seems to us that when players see real gameplay, a real game, they will judge it in a completely different way,” he added.

On the issue of graphics, the Bloober Team exec promises that they are “using all the capabilities of Unreal [Engine] 5”.