Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III: How To Unlock the Ninja Vest

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Ninja Vest

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has finally entered Season 2, which comes with a piece of unlockable equipment for players to claim and enjoy—the Ninja vest. Equipping this gear provides the advantage of being more stealthy as well as having an increased supply of throwing equipment.

Specifically, wearing the Ninja vest will not only cause footsteps to not generate a sound and provide immunity to movement reduction effects but it will also render the player having an additional supply of deadly throwing equipment.

While seemingly auspicious to be paired with something like Covert Sneakers for what would be enhanced stealth effects, Activision, however, says that the perk does not stack. On the upside, this allows the player to choose a different equipment to wear for additional benefit. For instance, they can choose to wear Tactical Pads or Lightweight Boots for movement perks.

Unlocking the Ninja vest can be pretty straightforward as it only requires the completion of five daily quests. This can be done in one day, which means that players need to play different modes while completing random daily quests. Alternatively, they can choose to fulfill multiple daily quests in a row under a single mode.

Unlocking the Ninja vest requires five armory unlock points. Attaining just that will unlock it in the Vest section of Create-a-Class.