Call of Duty to be at “100% parity” on PS4, PS5 amid Activision Blizzard buyout

Call of Duty

Microsoft made a landmark deal when the deal of buying Activision Blizzard finally pushed through. But while this would put Xbox in a better position for the Call of Duty franchise, Phil Spencer says that releases on PS4 and PS5 will be at “100 percent parity” with that of Xbox.

That also comes following a binding agreement between Sony and Activision Blizzard to ensure that the series will be released on the PlayStation platform in at least a decade.

What the idea suggests is that there won’t be any less content on any console. Additionally, Spencer also said that they have no intention of leveraging the acquisition of the shooter franchise to boost the sales of the Xbox console.

“… no goal of using Call of Duty to get you to buy an Xbox console”.

However, the procurement may be shifting a bit in favor of Xbox as Phil Spencer claims stopping the exclusive betas. This references Sony’s getting exclusive early access to betas in the past few years, which include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. That is, stating how it’s not good for the “Call of Duty nation”.