Call Of Duty’s Latest DLC Operator Turns You Into a Rubber Ducky

Call of Duty Bath Time

Call of Duty adds both fun and humor to its gameplay as it introduces its quirkiest DLC operator yet—a rubber ducky called “Bath Time”. The DLC is available for both Warzone and Modern Warfare III.

For 1,800 COD Points or a tantamount amount of $18 in real-life cash, players can purchase a bundle that includes the rubber ducky helmet and the weapons Rubber Rampage and The Ducky.

In addition to the aforementioned, the bundle also includes the “Bath Time” emblem, the “Duck This” calling card, the “What the Duck” weapon sticker, and the “Quack’n Up” weapon charm.

Opting for the operator may not offer something new when it comes to a unique finishing move. However, it perfectly mimics the existing “Stick ‘N Move” finisher that players already encounter with other operators.