Card-En-Ciel Trailer Showcases Divine Dynamo Flamefrit Cards

Inti Creates has shared a new trailer for Card-en-Ciel. This time we get to see the characters and cards we can use in the Divine Dynamo Flamefrit world.

Card-en-ciel is an upcoming roguelite deckbuilder in which the various dungeons represent multiple game worlds. Some of those come from Inti Creates titles while others may not be actual projects.

It all starts when developer Ancie asks for help and a gaming chair detective decides to step in. Now he must explore the full-body VR world of Rust Tactics and figure out why the worlds of other titles mixed up with the new game.

In the new video, we get to see some of the cards from Divine Dynamo Flamefrit. The title was part of Inti Creates’ April Fools 2024 prank but it is an actual retro-style game they’re developing.

In the video, we get to see cards with many of the game’s characters. The list includes protagonist Yuto Hino, and his mech Knight Flamefrit, as well as many other minor characters.

As far as muse cards go, it’ll feature theme songs Mirai no Miracle and Magical Motion. Besides the protagonist cards, the game will feature the following Flamefrit characters:

  • Maho Kazamatsuri;
  • Mage Winsylph;
  • Tamaki Mikagami;
  • Monk Aquadeen;
  • Mamoru Tsuchiya;
  • Warrior Gaiatan;
  • Gram;
  • Dragoon Shadonir.

Check out the trailer:

Card-en-Ciel comes to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on October 24, 2024.