Chucky enters The Fog in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Chucky

A killer doll has entered The Fog and will be joining the trials, with the Good Boy himself, Chucky, making his debut in Dead by Daylight.

Many in the community have always been skeptical about how a tiny killer would be making its way into Dead by Daylight. For a game that involves hooking up survivors as part of the game’s sadistic design, an entity the size of a doll is hardly the ideal candidate. Yet, Chucky mysteriously defied that expectation as he brought his murderous tendencies into the game, thanks to the workaround that the developers put into him.

In bringing Chucky’s real character to life, Brad Dourif, the killer doll’s voice actor, has lent his voice talent by reprising his legendary role and recording new lines that articulate Chucky’s penchant for bad words.

Partner in crime

Chucky is known in the movie for having a partner in crime with yet another malicious doll known as The Good Gal. The bride of Chucky itself, the doll incarnate of Tiffany Valentine, is making its way into the game as a playable Killer, via a costume. Wearing the skin will transform Chucky into its other half, given to life by the voice of Jennifer Tilly. She was also the same actress who portrayed Tiffany Valentine in The Bride of Chucky.

Small but terrible

A small pair of legs might be stereotyped as being slow. But Chucky makes up for its smallness with the ability to lunge forward, easily closing the gap between itself and a target Survivor during a chase. Surprisingly, being tiny does come with its advantages, especially if a Killer. In this case, Chucky’s small stature allows him to sneak on unsuspecting prey by vaulting on windows and under pallets, thanks to its Scamper ability.

Making for another exciting twist to playing Chucky apart from his size are his Perks:

  • Hex: Two Can Play: Blind any Survivor that attempts to blind or stun you.
  • Friends ‘Til the End: Briefly expose an Obsession or any Survivor with every successful hook.
  • Batteries Included: Gain movement boost within the radius of a functioning generator.