Class Of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition Comes To PS5 This April

PQube has announced the release date for Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition. The dungeon crawlers by Acquire will come to PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024.

Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition is a package with remastered editions of the first two games in the series. It’ll be possible to get them physically or as individual releases digitally.

Class of Heroes is a series of dungeon crawling RPGs from the PSP. The first title came west through Atlus, with the following games published by Gaijinworks late in the portable system’s life.

As usual for the genre, players can make a custom party by mixing up classes and races. The characters are students in a special fantasy academy and have unique skills depending on the combinations.

Check out the trailer: