CoD: Modern Warfare 3 maps get a dark sci-fi twist in the Vortex event

Modern Warfare 3 Vortex

Activision is kicking off the start of the year with a science-fiction twist to some of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 maps, giving players a somewhat grim look at the game’s classic locales. The temporary re-design is only available during MW3’s Vortex event, which is set to wrap up on January 17, 2024.

Throughout the entirety of the event, Quarry, Rust, and Scrapyard will transform into something sinister-looking, paving the way to Satan’s Quarry, Tetanus, and Sporeyard. Each map will have its depiction of “otherwordly” transformation, underpinned by sci-fi.

A special and powerful Ray Gun will also be making a presence, which gives the lucky player a significant advantage in the field. This weapon can instantly kill any player with just a single hit and to win, a player must meet a specific number of kills. But the player who wields the Ray Gun is not necessarily a tank, but a glass cannon, which can make the possession of the gun somewhat slippery and victory not easily guaranteed.

In addition to the temporary change in the coat of paint for said maps, players can also claim a new camo reward by simply completing all of the event’s challenges.

Making for another interesting update in line with the event is the introduction of the Meat 24/7. As the name implies, the map gives players limitless play experience in the close-quarters core multiplayer map.