Contra: Operation Galuga—Playable cast, gameplay modes, and more

Contra Operation Galuga

The latest installment to a popular 2D side-scroller shooter is already on the horizon, with Contra: Operation Galuga being announced by Konami and WayForward. The game will be released on multiple platforms, including PS4 and PS5.

Set in the premise of the Red Falcon’s invasion “following a meteor shower in the Galuga Archipelago,” Contra: Operation Galuga sees the players taking control of one of Earth Marine Corps’ best soldiers to address the problem.

Specifically, players can choose among the following:

  • Lance Bean: A former guerilla fighter adept in the use of long-range guns, he was recruited into the team by Bill Rizer.
  • Bill Rizer: Contra Unit’s field leader, known for having outstanding physical strength, mental fortitude, and agility.
  • Lucia: Earth Marine Corps’s deputy commander and field operative, she is a force to reckon with, in terms of both combat missions and covert intelligence.
  • Ariana: Galuga Archipelago’s inhabitant, she wages war against the Red Falcon following the massacre of her village.
  • Probotector: Contra Unit’s autonomous robot, this machine uses next-generation weaponry to obliterate the enemies.
  • Lt. Stanley Ironside: A leader in the GX Army, he wears a Hercules exosuit that boosts his formidable skills.

Old but new

Not reinventing the wheel, Operation Galuga retains the game’s side-scroller shooter gameplay amid a 3D-esque background. Players can either choose to play the game solo or pair up with a friend for co-op on Story, Arcade, or Challenge Mode. The lattermost features 30 missions that players can speedrun amid limited munitions and a horde of enemies.

Adding an RPG element into the game, players can enhance their favorite soldier via the Perk Shop. Players can wear up to two perks that make the play experience significantly easier, such as “start stages with specific weapons, increase invulnerability after respawning, and gain other helpful bonuses”. There will be no microtransactions.