Cook and Becker, Yoshitaka Amano partner up for The Last of Us 10th anniversary

The Last of Us Yoshitaka Amano

The Last of Us is celebrating its 10 years this year. In commemoration of that momentous occasion, Cook and Becker and legendary Final Fantasy character designer and artist Yoshitaka Amano have partnered up to bring a series of limited-edition prints for fans to cherish and enjoy.

Traditionally handcrafted using a pair of pencils and watercolor, the centerpiece is the artwork showcasing Joel and Ellie while on a rest. Exuding an otherwordly beauty as is known with the artist’s works, it depicts the bond between a man and a child as they struggle to survive.

Those familiar with the franchise who followed the lives of the duo closely will find the depiction of the art as symbolic of the two protagonists’ adventures across the zombie-filled United States.

An industry veteran, a large part of Amano’s illustrious career was spent mastering diverse artistic mediums resulting in various creations that cemented his name in the art world. He is also an internationally renowned artist, largely known for the creative artwork behind Vampire Hunter D and the Final Fantasy series.


Coming in four variants, interested buyers can choose among the vanilla Deluxe Edition, the hand-signed Deluxe Edition, the Premium Art Print Edition, and the Premium Poster Edition:

  • Deluxe edition: 28 x 39 inches art print, 18-color screenprint, and special paint layers on 100% cotton, 400 gsm Somerset archival paper. It is signed with Yoshitaka Amano’s autopen signature.
  • Hand-signed Deluxe edition: Limited only to 30 copies, 25 of which will be sold directly to consumers. The remaining 5 to be randomly given away to five lucky buyers of the Deluxe Edition, replacing the regular version with a hand-signed version.
  • Premium Art Print Edition: Similar to the Deluxe Edition, except that it does not have the same special paint layers.
  • Premium Poster Edition: Limited only to 2000 copies, this budget-friendly slightly smaller art piece comes at the size of 20 x 28 inches. Amano’s signature is printed on the poster.

As of publishing, both the Deluxe and Hand-signed Deluxe Edition are already sold out. But anyone with $249 to spare can get their hands on a Premium Art Print Edition. Meanwhile, the Premium Poster Edition can be bought for $49.