Cooking Simulator VR Now Available for PSVR2

Gameboom VR has just announced that Cooking Simulator VR is now available for the PlayStation VR2. This vritual reality version will have players take control of a highly polished, realistic kitchen equipped with all kinds of utensils and stands.

In addition, players can master over 80 recipes or use dozens of lifelike ingredients to cook everything and anything they wish. Creativity is the spice of life, after all.

Cut ingredients, heat individual parts of the dish, fry in various ways, pour liquids, or…blow up the kitchen. The developers have stated that thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation VR2, they are able to bring the game with a native 120 FPS and additional boost from Foveated Rendering, all without the need for reprojection.

You can view the release trailer for Cooking Simulator VR below: