Cosmic Paradox: Noire Revealed For PS4 and PS5

AUTO SLAVIC has announced the release of Cosmic Paradox: Noire on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The shoot’em up doesn’t have a release date yet, but should be “coming soon” according to the company.

The PlayStation Store page describes the game as follows:

In the event known as “The First Rift” dimensions N737 and T415 collided, creating a shattered timeline. As this new existence slowly began to take form, that which never should have been now became a reality. The Vex Accord and the Oronix Empire, both conquerors destined to a universe of their own, were now faced with an eternal question. Would they be able to coexist?

  • Experience the beautiful chaos across three stages in both Campaign and Survival modes
  • Use the Shield and Rampage abilities at just the right time to remain unscathed during battle
  • A three star ranking system will distinguish which pilots are among the best of the best
  • Earn Credits to permanently upgrade your stats and power-ups
  • Defence, offence or mobility? Choosing the right ship will additionally enhance your existing capabilities

Check out the reveal trailer shared by the PlayStation official account: