Could Dragon Quest X Offline’s Asian trailer also hint at a Western release?

Dragon Quest X Offline

Square Enix Asia has just released a trailer for the Chinese and Korean localizations of Dragon Quest X Offline. Gematsu, however, speculates that it could also mean a launch of the game West-side.

In a post on X, Gematsu revealed Dragon Quest X Offline’s release date in the aforementioned Asian countries, said to be “spring 2024”. But it is the following phrase that serves as a kicker and what truly gathers the interest of most fans. That is, it “could mean a western [sic] English release is about to be announced”.

A look into the trailer suggests that the game’s Asian releases are slated for PS4, PS5, and PC. Not seeing the Switch as a platform for the release is baffling considering that Dragon Quest X Offline was released for it in Japan. This, however, creates a suspicion that Nintendo may be involved in the game’s Western release.

The conjecture is not without precedent, however. This comes in knowing that big N was the publisher of the Dragon Quest spinoff, Dragon Quest Builders 2, on the Switch. However, it is Square Enix that released the game worldwide on the PlayStation 4.

Nintendo’s choosing to potentially delay the announcement of Dragon Quest X Offline is blamed for what is causing Square Enix not to do it for the PlayStation.