Crown Wars: The Black Prince Showcases the Ranged Combat Classes in New Trailer

Nacon has shared a new trailer for Crown Wars: The Black Prince. It highlights the ranged combat units available in the game, which includes the Flayer, the Gunner, and the Alchemist.

Crown Wars is a turn-based strategy game in which you must recruit soldiers and command them in battle. The Hundred Years’ War inspires the story, which has iconic figures like Nicolas Flamel and Edward of Woodstock and recreates weaponry and tech of that period.

The game’s store page describes the game as follows:

Knights and brigands run rampant throughout the land, sowing destruction. But an even greater evil is lurking and plotting in the shadows. At the helm of your domain, lead the fight against the forces of evil in this turn-based tactics and strategy game.

The game has six playable classes: Crusader, Beastmaster, Duelist, Alchemist, Flayer, and Gunner. The final three are the focus of the new trailer, as they’re units which can attack from a distance.

The Flayer is an assassin-like class, surprising enemies from afar with items and environmental mastery. Meanwhile, the gunner uses explosive skills that spread fire through the land. Finally, Alchemists use special potions they made themselves.

Check out the new trailer:

Crown Wars: The Black Prince comes to PlayStation 5 on March 7, 2024.