Data Mine on HI-FI RUSH Anniversary Update Hints Of a Potential PS5 Release


HI-FI RUSH’s recently launched anniversary update was data mined, revealing a detail of what could be a probable PS5 release of the game.

In what appears to be a folder containing multiple designs for T-shirts, an image stood out for bearing semblance to a color scheme that PlayStation also uses in its branding. The image in question portrays a text saying “I’m Here Baby!” amid an entirely blue-colored background, which is a color attributed to the PlayStation label.

Interestingly, the same update, which has been the subject of data mining, also shows another telling sign that the game might indeed be heading to PlayStation. Specifically, the addition of DualSense controller button icons.

It is worth noting that, aside from PlayStation, another data-mined image suggests that the game may be headed to the Switch as well. That is, based on the T-shirt design that has a text stating “Rock Out Anywhere” amid a completely red background.