Dead by Daylight sees the return of Halloween with Haunted by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Halloween

Dead by Daylight gets a little spookier as we enter the Halloween season, with themed events starting to roll out along with it. And with that, Behaviour Interactive has come prepared for what is in store for the entire month of October, which includes the return of a familiar event.

The Fog figuratively thickens for Dead by Daylight as the Haunted by Daylight event is making a scene once again. But along with its comeback are also a few more surprises, making its resurgence on October 18 to be bigger than ever before.

Players might be pressed to think that nothing is scary anymore. But Dead by Daylight is not here to disappoint. That is, with a slew of new tricks under its sleeves for the spookfest season. This is underscored by the presence of Void Zones, whose otherwordly structure serves to contain the Entity’s victims or the Haunts while awaiting release. But Haunts are not friends and players are faced with higher stakes with them in the overall picture.

Players ought to mark the following dates in their calendar, as these offer significant events with Dead by Daylight:

  • October 11: Release of Tome 17: COMMITMENT and the opening of a new Rift.
  • October 13: Halloween Stream beginning 2:00 PM EDT, featuring Dead by Daylight developers and The Whisperers.
  • October 18: Launch of Haunted by Daylight.
  • October 24: The Hallowed Blight outfit collection makes a comeback.