Death Stranding 2 Full Title Seemingly Leaked

Death Stranding 2 On the Beach

It’s been more than a year since Kojima Productions unveiled to the public the sequel to its brainchild title, Death Stranding, which was referred to simply as “Death Stranding 2”.

Now, a reputable leaker has shed light on the game’s comprehensive title, making the tentative title shy of just a few words.

Writing on the French platform, Dealabs, trusted leaker billbil-kin said that a major reveal is set to take place for Death Stranding 2 within the next 15 days, which would likely coincide with a PlayStation State of Play event.

Much about the project remains oblivious even to the leaker himself, such as whether it will have a PC launch simultaneously with the PS5. However, billbil-kun’s sources are at least able to identify what the anticipated sequel’s full title is—Death Stranding 2: On the Beach.

Those who have played the original Death Stranding would at least be familiar with the relevance of “The Beach” in-game, with it serving as a sort of limbo between life and what comes after it. And going by the title alone, it seems that a large emphasis of the game will revolve around it.

As for other things that are already confirmed about the developing game, it seems that some of the original cast will be making a comeback, such as the main protagonist Norman Reedus. Léa Seydoux will be making a return as well in a supporting role, similar to Troy Baker but in an antagonistic role. Meanwhile, Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna will be joining as well, further expanding the cast.