DECAPOLICE Delayed to 2024

Level-5 has delayed the release of DECAPOLICE from its original 2023 release window to 2024. The criminal investigation RPG will be available worldwide on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

DECAPOLICE is a game that mixes criminal investigation and turn-based RPG battles. In a cybernetic future, players will have to solve cases using the DECASIM simulator system to recreate the crime scene.

The story follows Harvard Marks, the leader of a rookie team in the Special Investigations Unit. As a prodigy in criminal investigation, he has become obsessed with arresting criminals ever since a certain incident.

By cornering a criminal, Harvard and his team may have to face them and appeal to their hearts. However, embodiments of malice called Crime Beasts may appear and take over them, demanding the player to use various gimmicks to incapacitate those powerful enemies.

Unlike other games in the Level-5 Vision 2023 II presentation, DECAPOLICE did not get any new trailers. However, you can see a general explanation of the gameplay on this video shared by the company back in September: