Demonschool, Tactical Persona-Like Game, Delayed to 2024

Developer Necrosoft Games and publisher Ysbryd Games have announced that Demonschool will not hit its intended release window of 2023 anymore. Now, the companies aim to have the tactical RPG available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in Q2 2024.

Demonschool tells the story of a group of Faye and a group of young misfits on a mysterious island. During their university life, they end up caught in a supernatural situation, facing creatures of the demon world and nefarious humans.

It’ll be up to the player to plan their school schedule taking into account leveling up the characters and increasing their affinity through relationship events. Battles take place in a tactical style, with the player coordinating the whole team’s actions taking into account the environment and the position changes caused by each attack.

Besides the delay announcement, the company has shared a new trailer showcasing a few gameplay details related to how battles work. Check out the video below: