Digimon Series Gets New Questionnaire for Digimon Con 2024

The Digimon Series social media accounts shared a new questionnaire for Digimon Con 2024. The survey asks fans for some feedback and what genres they desire to see the franchise tackle next.

Digimon is a Bandai Namco franchise about the homonymous digital creatures. The franchise has had multiple titles in PlayStation systems since Digimon World on the original PS.

The franchise has tackled genres such as RPG, raising simulation, fighting, card game, and more recently a mix of visual novel and tactical RPG called Digimon Survive.

The questionnaire will be available until January 7, 2024 and it asks if the participant has played any of the recent titles in the franchise. PlayStation 4 titles in the list include Survive, Digimon World: Next Order, Cyber Sleuth and Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory.

It also questions the individual’s favorite Digimon from the ones included in those games. Then, it requests a description of memorable scenes in them.

Finally, before a general comment prompt, the survey offers a list of genres and asks which ones the fans would like to see for next Digimon games. It’s possible to say you’d play if it’s free, maybe buy it, definitely buy it or definitely not touch it at all.

The list of genres they’re considering includes the following:

  • Puzzle;
  • Party;
  • Fighting;
  • Shooting;
  • Action RPG;
  • Tactical RPG;
  • Pixel Art RPG (a HD-2D-like with Octopath Traveler and Sea of Stars as references);
  • 2D Action Adventure;
  • Battle Royale;
  • Strategy;
  • Hack and Slash;
  • Roguelike;
  • MOBA;
  • Soulslike;
  • Social Communication (Animal Crossing-like);
  • Card game.

While the list does not include a more general turn-based RPG or the raising sim options, the company is likely gauging interest in deviating from those, which are already established staples.

A new Digimon Story game has already been teased multiple times by producer Kazumasa Habu. The game is likely to be a 3D turn-based RPG in the same vein as Cyber Sleuth but taking place in the Digital World of Homeros.

The answers to the questionnaire may be used during the Digimon Con event, which will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the anime series. A date for it has not been announced at this time.