Digimon World Recruitment Guide

Greetings, Tamer! If you’re on the journey to bring prosperity to File City by recruiting various Digimon, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide serves as your one-stop resource for all your Digimon recruiting needs. From the serene streets of File City to the hazardous zones of Mount Infinity, we’ve got you covered.

Navigating the Digital World can be a daunting task. Locations are sprawling and intricate, and the Digimon you encounter can be picky about joining your cause. Timing, prerequisites, and specific actions often come into play, making it easy to miss out on recruiting some of the most interesting and helpful Digimon. Our guide aims to solve that problem.

This guide is organized by locations, each of which is divided into sections detailing the Digimon available for recruitment. For each Digimon, we’ll cover:

  • Prerequisites: Conditions you must meet for the Digimon to appear or become recruitable.
  • Encounter: A step-by-step guide to finding and recruiting each Digimon.
  • Contribution: How each recruited Digimon contributes to your city, from opening shops to enhancing existing facilities.

We hope this guide enhances your Digimon World experience and aids you in building a bustling city. Grab your Digivice and let’s embark on this digital adventure!

On This Page

File City


  • Prerequisites: Prosperity Level 15 or higher
  • Encounter: Speak with Jijimon and then exit to find Greymon. Prepare for a battle.
  • Contribution: Establishes the Arena in the lower section of the city.


  • Prerequisites: Prosperity Level 50 or higher
  • Encounter: After speaking with Jijimon, who will mention that Mt. Infinity is accessible, step outside for a surprise attack from Airdramon.
  • Contribution: Initially dormant. Upon defeating Mt. Infinity, he opens a Fortune Teller shop in the Arena Lobby.

Native Forest (Additional Locations: Dragon Eye Lake, Kunemon’s Bed, Coela Point)


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: On your initial visit to the Native Forest, Agumon will confront and battle you.
  • Contribution: Establishes the Item Bank adjacent to Jijimon’s House.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Head to the screen south of the toilet area. Engage with Palmon repeatedly until she challenges you.
  • Contribution: Upgrades the Meat Farm to produce Giant Meat.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Visit Kunemon’s Bed, located east of the toilet screen. Offering him Meat or a Digimushroom triggers a battle (other food items work but are less cost-effective).
  • Contribution: Unlocks a shortcut between File City and Digimon Bridge.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Visit Coela Point, southeast of Kunemon’s Bed, between 4 PM and 8 PM. Engage with the silhouette in the water to meet Coelamon and be transported to Tropical Jungle beach.
  • Contribution: Establishes the Item Stall, or collaborates with Betamon if the Item Stall is already open. Also serves as an advisor within the Clinic.


  • Prerequisites: Read Shellmon’s third bulletin board article and obtain the Amazing Rod from ShogunGekomon for 300 Merit Points (recommended).
  • Encounter: Fish at Dragon Eye Lake’s southern fishing spot at either 8 AM or 5 PM using either regular or Giant Meat. Engage with the large, snake-like silhouette to meet Seadramon.
  • Contribution: Does not join the city but provides free transport to Beetle Land as long as you have the Blue Flute in your inventory.


  • Prerequisites: Recruit a Digimon that opens the Secret Item Shop.
  • Encounter: Wander near the grass at Digimon Bridge to find Ninjamon, who will challenge you.
  • Contribution: Provides game item information within the Secret Item Shop.


  • Prerequisites: Prosperity Level 50 or higher
  • Encounter: Visit the screen featuring a large tree with a door carved into it. Etemon will ambush you and initiate a battle.
  • Contribution: Stations himself at Digimon Bridge, offering the Digivolution Item “Golden Banana” for sale and clearing the screen of wild enemies.

Drill Tunnel (Additional Location: Lava Cave)


  • Prerequisites: Defeat the Drimogemon in the west room, then clear the tunnel of dirt and wait 24 hours. Must have a Champion level Digimon partner.
  • Encounter: After aiding Drimogemon in moving a large rock, proceed to Lava Cave and encounter Meramon.
  • Contribution: Joins or establishes the city’s Restaurant in the lower half of the city.


  • Prerequisites: Defeat Meramon
  • Encounter: Upon defeating Meramon, traverse the cooled lava floor to find Drimogemon. Speak with him and revisit after three days.
  • Contribution: Opens the Treasure Hunt Shop in the northern part of the city.

Ogremon (Fourth Battle)

  • Prerequisites: Defeat Ogremon in the Secret Beach Cave.
  • Encounter: Ogremon takes control of the tunnel. Engage with him for a final battle.
  • Contribution: Becomes a city patrol.

Tropical Jungle (Additional Location: Amida Forest)


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Head east from the beach to a grassy clearing, and then take the northern path. Speak to Betamon to restore his memory.
  • Contribution: Opens the Item Stall, or joins Coelamon there. Also constructs a fountain in the city square.


  • Prerequisites: Recruit Palmon
  • Encounter: Speak to Tanemon who tells you about a Rain Plant fruit and a strange plant in Tropical Jungle. Use the Rain Plant on the wilting sprout you find to encounter Vegiemon.
  • Contribution: Upgrades the Meat Farm to produce Sirloin and sells stat-boosting vegetables.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Navigate through Amida Forest while avoiding Centarumon’s shots. Reaching the Circle sign ends the chase.
  • Contribution: Establishes and operates the Clinic in the southwestern part of the city.


  • Prerequisites: None (Ultimate Digimon recommended)
  • Encounter: Randomly appears on the Beach screen of Tropical Jungle. Engage to initiate a battle.
  • Contribution: Sporadically appears in the Item Shop, selling the Training Manual for 50,000 BITs.

Mount Panorama

Note: Defeat Meramon to gain access to Mount Panorama.


  • Prerequisites: Recruit Centarumon and consult him at the clinic.
  • Encounter: Locate Unimon lying on the ground in the Spore Area. Offer him a Small or Medium Recovery floppy.
  • Contribution: Joins the Item Shop.


  • Prerequisites: None, but having an Ultimate Digimon is advised.
  • Encounter: A 5% chance to encounter Mamemon in Mount Panorama Plains. Engage in battle upon interaction.
  • Contribution: Joins the Secret Item Shop selling stat-boosting items during battles.


  • Prerequisites: Initially none, but you’ll need 45+ Prosperity Points and Shellmon recruited for full recruitment.
  • Encounter: Check for “weird circles” in the Spore Area. Return after recruiting Shellmon and gaining 30+ Prosperity Points. Then, return again after reaching 45+ Prosperity.
  • Contribution: Joins the Restaurant.

Gear Savanna & Trash Mountain


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Head to the northernmost area of Gear Savanna. Talk to Elecmon three times.
  • Contribution: Adds floor lighting to the city’s southern section.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Proceed to the screen east of Elecmon’s location and battle Patamon three times.
  • Contribution: Joins the Item Shop.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: South of where you found Patamon, locate and engage Biyomon in a game of chase. Multiple attempts might be necessary.
  • Contribution: Joins the Item Shop.


  • Prerequisites: 45+ Prosperity Points and recruit Meramon.
  • Encounter: East of Gear Savanna’s first screen, save Patamon from Sharmamon. Follow Leomon and listen to his quest for an ancestral item.
  • Contribution: Takes residence in Birdra Transport without offering services.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Visit Trash Mountain, talk to the Sukamon near the Sukamon King.
  • Contribution: Occasionally loiters near the city toilet.

Grey Lord Mansion & Overdell Cemetery


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: At Overdell Cemetery, converse with Bakemon and answer YES, YES, NO to his questions.
  • Contribution: Patrols the city.


  • Prerequisites: Virus Digimon partner, recruit Shellmon, save Myotismon, 40+ Prosperity Points.
  • Encounter: Follow Shellmon’s newspaper clues to find Myotismon. Defeat SkullGreymon in the Secret Lab.
  • Contribution: Joins the Arena, introducing new tournaments.

Great Canyon & Ogre Fortress

Note: Speak to Yuramon about the Invisible Bridge to access the Great Canyon. Requires 6 Prosperity Points.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Complete Monochromon’s minigame, aiming for 3072 BITs or more.
  • Contribution: Joins the Item Shop.

Ogremon (Battle #1 and #2)

  • Prerequisites: Get info about “Bandits” from Yuramon after crossing the Invisible Bridge.
  • Encounter: Battle Ogremon and his henchmen twice by following the forks and elevators in the Great Canyon and Ogre Fortress.
  • Contribution: Runs away; can later be found in Drill Tunnel.


  • Prerequisites: Defeat Ogremon in Ogre Fortress.
  • Encounter: Rescue Shellmon stuck due to a malfunctioning elevator.
  • Contribution: Establishes a Newspaper Stand.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Take the canyon elevator to the Rooftop and defeat Birdramon in a battle.
  • Contribution: Creates Birdra Transport near Jijimon’s House.

Geko Swamp / Volume Villa


  • Prerequisites: Recruit Greymon.
  • Encounter: Speak to the southernmost Gekomon near ShogunGekomon.
  • Contribution: Joins the Arena for new tournaments. Does not contribute to Prosperity Points.

Ancient Dino Region

Note: You must have recruited Centarumon to access this area.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Find Tyrannomon on the first screen by walking to the left. Defeat him in battle and proceed further along the region. Follow a secret path to find Meteormon, defeat him, and then return to Tyrannomon to recruit him.
  • Contribution: Joins or establishes the Restaurant in File City.

Nanimon (First Encounter)

  • Prerequisites: Defeat Meteormon and recruit Tyrannomon.
  • Encounter: After leaving the Ancient Dino Region, go back to where you fought Meteormon to find Nanimon. Encounter him five times at different locations to recruit him.
  • Contribution: Drops keychains that increase your carrying capacity.

Freezeland / Ice Sanctuary


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Trade with three Mojyamon in Iceberg Beach to recruit the last one.
  • Contribution: Opens or joins the Secret Item Shop, selling unique items.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Win a curling contest against Penguinmon near his igloo.
  • Contribution: Opens a Curling Arena in the Arena Lobby.


  • Prerequisites: Defeat Ogremon in the Ogre Fortress.
  • Encounter: Find Whamon in the southwest ice flows and defeat Ogremon and his crew to recruit him.
  • Contribution: Acts as a ferry, providing access to Factorial Town.


  • Prerequisites: Specific Digimon vulnerable to the cold.
  • Encounter: Let your susceptible Digimon faint from the cold in Freezeland to meet Frigimon.
  • Contribution: Joins the Restaurant.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Battle Garurumon in the last screen of Freezeland. Face him again later for a “fair fight.”
  • Contribution: Joins the Restaurant.


  • Prerequisites: Must have a Vaccine Digimon.
  • Encounter: Navigate the Ice Sanctuary with a Vaccine Digimon to find Angemon.
  • Contribution: Upgrades Jijimon’s house and provides clues for recruiting more Digimon.

Misty Trees


  • Prerequisites: Get the “see through fog” spell from ShogunGekomon.
  • Encounter: Visit between 4am-8am and defeat Kokatorimon in battle.
  • Contribution: Creates a statue, but is otherwise not functional.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Find and defeat Gabumon at a cliffside in Misty Trees.
  • Contribution: Assists in Treasure Hunt, increasing your chances for rare items.


  • Prerequisites: Get the “see through fog” spell from ShogunGekomon.
  • Encounter: Speak to Cherrymon in the northern-most screen.
  • Contribution: Reduces fog and provides high-level Brain training but does not join the city.

Toy Town

Note: Must get passage from Cherrymon to access Toy Town.


  • Prerequisites: Have a Numemon as a partner.
  • Encounter: Transform Numemon into Monzaemon and defeat WaruMonzaemon.
  • Contribution: Adds aesthetic value to Jijimon’s house but doesn’t offer functional benefits.

Section 6: Beetle Land

Note: Must be friends with Seadramon to access Beetle Land.


  • Prerequisites: Recruit Greymon to build the Arena.
  • Encounter: Talk to Kabuterimon in the training area and mention the Arena.
  • Contribution: Upgrades Green Gym equipment for better stat gains.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Talk to Kuwagamon in the training area and assure him of a “sure-fire way.”
  • Contribution: Upgrades Green Gym equipment for better stat gains.

Factorial Town

Note: To explore Factorial Town, you’ll first need to recruit Whamon to your city.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter:
    1. Enter the sewer via the open manhole cover and talk to Numemon, who’s unwell due to the polluted water.
    2. Gain access to the Factory by timing your entry during the guards’ shift change.
    3. Defeat Giromon inside the Factory.
    4. Speak to Andromon, then return to the sewer and talk to Numemon again.
    5. Defeat Numemon in battle, which is typically a one-hit KO.
  • Contribution: Numemon joins the Secret Item Shop and sells the Enemy Bell and Enemy Repel items.

Andromon (+ Giromon)

  • Prerequisites: Must have spoken to Numemon to initiate the sequence.
  • Encounter:
    1. Talk to Andromon, who will initially deny you entry to the Factory.
    2. Speak to the Factory guards to find out their shift change times, which are at Noon and Midnight.
    3. Return during a shift change to enter the Factory without resistance.
    4. Locate and defeat Giromon inside.
    5. Talk to Andromon again, who will disable the toxic water.
    6. Recruit Numemon, then return to Andromon.
    7. Andromon will ask you to return after a day to fix some data. Do so only if your city has all of these buildings: Item Shop, Restaurant, Clinic, and Arena.
    8. Speak to Andromon to learn about the history of File Island and to recruit him. Afterwards, enter the Factory to speak to Giromon and recruit him as well.
  • Contribution:
    • Andromon will stand near the Birdra Transport without any specific utility.
    • Giromon adds a Jukebox to the Restaurant, allowing you to listen to any game track. Note: This feature may crash the NTSC (U.S.) version of the game.


  • Prerequisites: None (although having an Ultimate Digimon is recommended)
  • Encounter:
    1. There’s roughly a 5% chance that MetalMamemon will appear in the second screen of Factorial Town.
    2. Speak to him when he appears to trigger a battle.
  • Contribution: MetalMamemon will occasionally appear in the Curling arena, providing a more challenging opponent than Penguinmon.

Mount Infinity

Note: To access Mount Infinity, achieve a Prosperity Level of 50 or higher and defeat Airdramon. The following Digimon won’t join the city unless you defeat both them and the final boss, Machinedramon.


  • Prerequisites: None, although it’s advised to complete the Grey Lord Mansion first for story continuity.
  • Encounter: Devimon will spontaneously challenge you on the 6th Floor of Mount Infinity. Defeat him to proceed.
  • Contribution: Joins the Secret Item Shop, offering high-risk, high-reward items known as Devil Chips.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter:
    1. MegaDramon idles on the 10th Floor, guarding two treasure chests containing Chips.
    2. Choose the option “We have to test our strength” to initiate a battle.
    3. Be cautious, as MegaDramon employs DG Dimension, a very powerful technique.
  • Contribution: MegaDramon takes up residence next to the Arena and enhances the frequency of high-level tournaments.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Encounter: Find MetalGreymon on the 11th Floor, where he blocks the path to the final boss. Defeat him to move forward.
  • Contribution: Stands in the Arena Lobby and bestows upon you various “Hero nicknames.”


  • Prerequisites: Defeat Machinedramon and complete the main story.
  • Encounter:
    1. Find Digitamamon on the 12th Floor, where you initially battled Machinedramon.
    2. Engage in battle, but be prepared for an exceptionally strong opponent.
  • Contribution: Digitamamon joins the Restaurant.