Disgaea 7: Koremade No Zenbu Iri Hajimemashita Releasing July 2024 in Japan

Developer Nippon Ichi Software has recently announced that they will be releasing Disgaea 7: Koremade no Zenbu Iri Hajimemashita on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in Japan on July 25th, 2024. As of the time of writing, it is unknown whether it will be coming west.

In Japanese, the name translates roughly to “Including Everything We’ve Done So Far”. Previous western releases would shorten the name to Complete Editions, as these contain the base game, all of the downloadable content, and more.

However, this complete edition also includes a new playable character, Asagi, The World Savers Squad bonus story, and brand-new gameplay elements, such as Hell Mode, which has all characters unlocked.

We’ll keep you updated on more information regarding a potential western release. You can watch the Japanese trailer below: