Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 has a million monthly players, 7 years later

Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2

The Dragon Ball franchise is proving itself to be as strong today as it was back in the 80s. With much merchandise sold and fans captivated years later, the series has become as iconic as the other titles that captured the interest of manga and anime fans alike. But gamers are not an exception in this as they play a part in the franchise’s ongoing prominence. And one title, Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, stands out as a testament to this belief.

In a special interview with Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 producer Masayuki Hirano, during the celebration of the series’ milestone sales, a piece of information is revealed that could surprise many. In particular, it talked about how the game remains highly playable to this day and the number of players who do so worldwide.

According to Hirano, “Even though it’s been seven years since XenoVerse 2 released, we still have about 1 million fans per month playing worldwide. It’s basically been that way since we released the game”.

With many titles, including new ones, struggling to gather the interest of gamers, a 7-year-old title is proving that age does not matter. But, likely, this is also fueled by the ongoing interest in the franchise as the series itself ventures into and explores the world of non-canon.