Dragon’s Dogma II Gets Mage Vocation Spotlight Trailer

Capcom has shared a new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma II. As part of the game’s promotional campaign, the company highlights its vocations. This time we get a closer look at the Mage.

Like its predecessor, the game is an action RPG in a fantasy setting. As an Arisen, players must explore the vast land, interacting with many characters in their quest to retake their heart.

Both the Arisen and their allies, the Pawns, can use different Vocations. Those are fighting roles, like other RPGs’ classes or jobs.

Mages use staves to support their party. They may attack directly, heal allies or enhance weapons. Strong magick means long incantations, so they must be safe from the threat of enemies to provide their abilities.

Check out the new gameplay video:

Previous trailers showcased the following vocations:

Dragon’s Dogma II comes to PlayStation 5 on March 22, 2024.