Dragon’s Dogma II Gets New Action Trailer, Warfarer Vocation, and Other Info

Capcom has shared a new Dragon’s Dogma II trailer during the State of Play of January 31. It shows a little more of the combat against powerful foes in the game.

Like the original PS3 title, the action RPG takes players to a fantasy world where they must play the role of the Arisen. Having had their heart stolen by a dragon, they must embark on a journey alongside helpers from another world called Pawns.

You can see the game in action in the new trailer:

Besides the trailer, Capcom has also shared some bits of information about the game through the PlayStation Blog.

First of all, the game will have a new vocation called Warfarer, which is exclusive to the Arisen. Those fighters can use all sorts of weapons and base skills from other classes, making it a jack of all trades.

However, they’re inferior in stats and many of their skills are tied to specific weapons. That means that players who don’t learn how to exploit their adaptability in combos may end up just weaker.

All over the world, there are vocation maisters who can help players unlock new vocations and earn powerful special skills. It’s up to players to deepen their relationships with these characters and earn their approval.

Capcom also announced a Pawn disease called Dragonsplague. If it affects a character, it’ll initially get stronger but over time it’ll lead to “devastating calamity.” What that means remains unknown for now.

The first symptoms are weird behavior changes making them bossy or too active. This may spread to other Pawns in your party, so the player should be careful.

Dragon’s Dogma II is coming to PS5 on March 22, 2024.