Dungeon Drafters Coming to PS4 and PS5 in March 2024

Manalith Studios and publisher DANGEN Entertainment have announced the console release date for Dungeon Drafters. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 14, 2024.

Dungeon Drafters mixes roguelite dungeon crawling a la Mystery Dungeon with deckbuilding. This combination results in a tactical turn-based experience with deck customization on the forefront.

The game has six characters, each of which has a different starting deck. By exploring the dungeon and getting new cards, players can change the decks into something closer to their preferred style.

Part of the experience revolves around the risk and reward of the journey. Choosing to go down to the next area may lead to better treasures but death will cut down your spoils.

You can check out a little of the game below in its original PC launch trailer, which shows some of the unique card combinations you can use: