EA Sports College Football 25 Comes To PS5 in July

Electronic Arts has announced that EA Sports College Football 25 is coming to PlayStation 5 on July 19, 2024. The company has also shared a first look at the game through a reveal trailer.

EA Sports College Football 25 brings back the classic gridiron football series formerly known as NCAA Football after a 11 year hiatus. The long time without games was part of a lawsuit compensation for using athletes’ likenesses without permission.

With the new title, athletes will be properly compensated and may decline their representation in the upcoming game. There will be 134 FBS schools in the game.

The game has confirmed some of the elements it’ll feature, such as the Wear & Tear System, which will lead to player exhaustion from multiple games. Managing their fatigue and health will be necessary.

A Homefield Advantage system will impact the morale of both teams, and EA has confirmed four modes:

  • Dynasty: As a coach, manage your own college football team;
  • Road to Glory: As an athlete, manage your daily routine, compete and become a legend to take the Heisman home;
  • Road to the College Football Playoff: a brand new online format that has players competing for the National Championship, earning rankings over multiple matches;
  • College Football Ultimate Team: make a legendary dream team with any characters you’d like and enjoy various matches.

Check out the trailer: