EA Sports FC 24 Attracts Over 14.5 Million Players in First Month on Console and PC

In just its first four weeks, EA Sports FC 24 has already gained a massive following of 14.5 million players on both console and premium PC. This impressive feat includes a double-digit increase in new players, showing the game’s popularity and potential for success. It is on track to surpass the achievements of its predecessor, FIFA 23, which received a boost from the previous year’s World Cup.

According to EA’s Chief Financial Officer, Stuart Canfield, the transition to EA Sports FC has been a huge accomplishment for the company. The game’s global football business has exceeded expectations, with a 41% increase in net bookings compared to the previous year. This growth is attributed to the continued momentum of EA’s football titles and the success of FC 24’s launch.

With such a strong start, it is likely that EA Sports FC 24 will surpass its predecessor and continue to attract more players in the coming months. With its exciting gameplay and popularity among fans, the game is poised to beat FIFA 23 and become a leading title in the world of sports gaming. Stay tuned for more updates and news on EA Sports FC 24!