Echoes of the Fallen DLC is out now for Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen

Final Fantasy XVI just got its first expansion as Echoes of the Fallen is officially out now on PlayStation 5 (thanks, PlayStation Blog). Another expansion, The Rising Tide, is set for launch in Spring 2024, and both DLCs require payment to access in-game.

Each DLC can be bought separately. But those looking to get the better deal would instead opt for the Final Fantasy XVI Battle Pass to get both major contents, but at a discounted rate.

Expanding upon the base game, Echoes of the Fallen features a completely new story, equipment, battles, increased level cap, and more. Getting into the DLC requires the completion of required quests to be unlocked. For players who have already finished the game once, it means instant access to the expanded content, just before the game’s climactic final battles.

In the first DLC, Clive and the company are faced with mysterious traders who bring them to an abandoned Fallen tower, known as the Sagespire, where terrible mysteries await.

Aside from the joy of an extended encounter into the rich and wonderful world of Final Fantasy XVI, purchasing the first DLC comes with an interesting perk. More particularly, those who do will get to own a Buster Sword for Clive to wield. This is the same iconic weapon held by Final Fantasy VII’s Zack Fair and Cloud Strife themselves.

Another interesting feature to accompany the purchase of Echoes of the Fallen is the “Away (1987)” Orchestrion Roll. This gives a chip-tune version of the song “Away” that players can choose to play as background music in the hideaway.