eFootball 2024’s Latest Update Drops Today – Free for PS4/PS5 Players

eFootball has attempted to establish itself as one of the go-to football gaming experiences for many around the world. However, like any evolving digital title, it has had its fair share of challenges and areas demanding enhancement. Fans have been eagerly waiting for updates to improve their gameplay experience, making today’s release a highly anticipated one. Patch notes are below!

Improved Play Control Liberty for Chance Creations

Based on the various opinions we received in user interviews and surveys, we have made gameplay adjustments and modifications in this update, putting emphasis on “Improving play control liberty for better chance creations”.
Until now, there have been instances where despite being able to visualize the attacking play up to the final shot in front of the goal, a poor responsiveness made it impossible for the player to make the shot.
Adjustments have been made to eliminate this issue and to allow you to play exactly the way you had imagined.
Defensive adjustments were also made to accommodate the adjustments made for attacking plays.
Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the changes made.
Improved Response for Split-second Decisions


For ball control and dribbling, the response after ball touches has been greatly improved.
This allows players to carry the ball with finer touches.
Also for midair balls, there were cases where players were forced to pass the ball immediately after taking a touch due to the poor response. This has also been improved and now players are afforded more options in said circumstances, such as collecting the ball and dribbling away with it.

Until now, there have been instances where despite being in close proximity of the goal, players would try to kick with a big motion, and the ball was lost to the opposition before they could complete the shot.
Therefore, we have added new shooting motions so that when players attempt a shot close to the goal with a weak Power Gauge input, the priority is now to kick the ball quickly with respect to the circumstances.


Regarding defense, a particularly common feedback was that players were unable to block the ball, even when the Match-up command is performed in a position where it is clearly possible for them to perform a block.
To improve this particular facet of play, we have added new blocking motions as well as implemented further adjustments to the timing of blocks.

Regarding clearances, there have been instances where players would attempt to kick the ball away with a huge motion, resulting in the opposition reclaiming possession before the kick could be performed.
Therefore new motions were also added, which in some situations can help prioritize speed rather than distance.


New punching motions have been added for goalkeepers.
These additions will surely help enhance the conviction of air battles within the box.

Ball Control and Goal Awareness

Body orientation is one of the most important elements in soccer.
With this update, players will now receive passes with a greater awareness on the direction of the goal.
These adjustments will surely help facilitate a smooth transition into goal-scoring actions.
When you next play a match, you will perhaps notice that players are now less likely to take a touch with their backs towards the goal or attempt to kick the ball from an unnatural body position.

New VS AI Matches with Lifelike Mentality

In line with the new gameplay, we have redesigned the opposition’s soccer mentality in VS AI Matches.
Players will now make more appropriate decisions at the right timing. Depending on their abilities, they may perform a variety of actions such as breaking through with feints, dribbling with more ball-holding intensity, or play lofted passes to open the field.
Last, but not least, we have also adjusted the difficulty balance of each Match Level.

Changes to Sharp Touch (excluding iOS and Android)

Previously, performing a Dash Dribble would sometimes unintentionally trigger the Sharp Touch command.
For this reason, we have changed the default Sharp Touch command to “pressing the Dash button twice”.
If you prefer the original method of input, simply go to [Command Setting] > [Advanced Settings] > [Sharp Touch Type], and select “Pressing once”.

Form of Players

Players with “Standard” or “Inconsistent” Form may often be in “Poor” or below Conditions, and hence were often disregarded in the selection process of substitutes.
In light of this, the probability of “Poor” or below Conditions has been reduced for players with “Standard” or “Inconsistent” Form. The conditioning probability for players with “Unwavering” Form, on the other hand, remains unchanged.
As a result of this adjustment, when players with “Inconsistent” Form have a “B” or higher Live Update Rating, their Conditions will be set to “Normal” or above.

Patch Notes: https://www.konami.com/efootball/en-us/page/2024/versioninfo_v3-00