Elden Ring Director Looking To Pass the Baton on Future Souls Games

After helming the development of some of the installments in the Dark Souls series and Elden Ring, the director Hidetaka Miyazaki is considering passing the responsibility to a new director moving forward.

In an interview with IGN, Miyazaki said that there is a “high possibility” that FromSoftware would “delegate the responsibility of director to those other Souls-ish games going forward”.

While this might insinuate the notion of Miyazaki as merely stepping back to perform a supervisory role, he stated otherwise, suggesting that he’s merely stepping away from the directorial role, and instead will be giving “full direction and control” over future projects.

Although credited for directing several of FromSoftware’s most iconic games, there was one title in the franchise that was not handled by Miyazaki, which was Dark Souls 2. Yet, despite getting a mixed reception from the audience, he views the installment as “pivotal” in the series, considering that it marked the turning point in the franchise for having introduced the semi-open world design that would eventually serve as a bedrock for Elden Ring:

In regards to Dark Souls 2, I actually personally think this was a really great project for us, and I think without it, we wouldn’t have had a lot of the connections and a lot of the ideas that went forward and carried the rest of the series.