Enotria: The Last Song Delayed To August 2024

Developer Jyamma Games announced that Enotria: The Last Song has been delayed from its original June 2024 release date to August 21, 2024. Furthermore, a demo version of the game will be coming soon.

According to the CEO of Jyamma Games, the developers have “managed to expand the game and elevate it in terms of content and quality going beyond the expected AA standards. Presently, the game offers three main regions with over 40 hours of gameplay, more than 100 different enemies, supported by a robust RPG system.”

We’ll keep you updated as more information about the game comes.

Enotria: The Last Song is an action RPG souls-like game inspired by Italian folklore and culture. It aims to take the genre in a new direction, with a vibrant and sun-lit world based off Italian summer where the gameplay allows you to alter the world and enemies in systemic ways, with players able to switch between loadouts by wearing a different mask.

You can view the new gameplay trailer showing the new release date below: