Extinction Review: A Big Game in a Small Package

A not-so-known gem called Extinction (2018), sits waiting for your enjoyment in the PlayStation Store. If you are into games like Monster Hunter or the classic Shadow of the Colossus this little gem might be right up your alley. Get ready for some Ogre-slaying fun in Extinction for the PlayStation 4!

Introduction: Ogre-sized Fun In A Small-sized Game

These gigantic beasts literally appear out of nowhere!

With a strange similarity to Attack on Titan, the popular anime/manga series from Hajime Isayama, Extinction is basically a game about a warrior named Avil who beheads giant Ogres and saves citizens. The ogres, called Ravenii, have decided to mindlessly wage war against mankind, and repeatedly rampage around bashing buildings and toppling towers. It’s pretty simple, but also pretty epic. For such a short game it is honestly a ton of fun.

Gameplay: Simple Yet Challenging

The mechanics of Extinction are literally perfect for such a small action-packed game. You can swing from branches and jump from rooftops with ease to navigate at super speeds, and your attacks can all be coordinated in slow motion to make sure you always hit your target. Of course, giant monsters don’t go down easy, but Avil’s dodging skills are next level, so those big hands and feet are easy to avoid. Just don’t go turning your back on a Ravenii that could easily wipe you out in one hit. Most of the Ravenii are covered in armor, with big locks attached that you have to break. This adds a bit of a challenge, and a lot of time to hone your rune blade skills.

Graphics: Not So Good, Not So Bad

The main objective of the entire game is beheading giants. What more could you ask for?

The graphics of Extinction are admittedly childish. Very cartoony and unimpressive for the most part. One thing the game did do right though was the colors. Everything is so bright and alive, even the paint and textures on the buildings pop out while you are whizzing by slaying monsters. The flashy rune magic you use to lop off the Ravenii heads is pretty sweet too. The greens, reds, and blues of the gigantic ogres, smaller Jackals, and the shiny crystals used to rescue citizens are all great to look at as well.

Story: Its Definitely There

There are cut scenes throughout the game with anime-like animation!

You never truly get any real backstory on the game, they dive in a little as you go through, but the story is really simple. Become the hero, kill the giants. Throughout the game, you get introduced to a couple characters and learn a lot about the enemy, but for the most part, there isn’t much to the story. Man versus monster, a kingdom under siege. and one man to save them all. It’s definitely cliché, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Character Development: Skills Upgrades Are Nice

Avil is a pretty kick-butt dude. He can jump really high, glide through the air, and whip-grapple at high speeds. He also controls rune magic through his sword which seems to be the only way to kill the Ravenii. Besides being the obvious hero, there isn’t much more to the main character than that. However, the skill upgrade system Extinction offers is pretty epic. You basically go from a regular dude to a superhero by the time you get all the skills maxed. This not only makes the game easier, it takes the action to an entirely new level.

Replay Value: It Eventually Gets Redundant

There are a few ways to play Extinction, but in all reality, it’s just the same thing over and over. As you play the main story of the game you get introduced to new enemies and different armor to break, and some new areas (although most areas are just the same map rearranged differently) that help open up the game a bit. Trials are also playable during the Story and quick-play Game Modes are on the main menu. All-in-all though, the game is all about saving civilians and killing giants as fast as you can. For some, doing that a hundred times may be fun, others… not so much. Don’t let the low replay value deter you from giving this game a try, though.

Conclusion: Is it Good?

There are multiple objectives to complete during each mission.

To be completely honest, I would have never bought this game if it wasn’t on sale for like $6 a few years ago. However, I have played through the game on three separate occasions and can now say I would be sort of upset if I never got to enjoy this gem. By no means is Extinction overlooked, Game of the Year Indie Masterpiece, but overall it is a great game. It probably takes about 6 to 8 hours to beat, maybe a little longer if you are going for a perfect run, so it’s not a large game at all. That doesn’t make it bad though. If you are looking for a nice little side game to play to take a break from Call of Duty or Fortnite, I would recommend snagging this gem of a game. I’ve seen it on sale a few more times since I bought it, so you might luck out around holiday sales like I did.

Extinction was developed by Modus Games, LLC. It is available in the PlayStation Store for $29.99.


  • Fun to play
  • A real challenge
  • A good side game
  • Fun to look at


  • Short
  • Not much replay value


A fun play

Though there is not much to it, Extinction was overall a good experience!

Zachary M. Cain
PS4 version reviewed