Fallout: New Vegas Retro Review – The Tale Of Courier 6

In the vast and desolate expanse of the post-apocalyptic genre, few games stand as tall and resilient as Fallout: New Vegas. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and released in 2010, this installment in the Fallout series took players on a journey through the Mojave Wasteland, introducing a fresh narrative, nuanced characters, and a complex web of moral choices.

The Mojave Awaits

One of Fallout: New Vegas’s greatest strengths lies in its setting. The Mojave Wasteland, with its sun-soaked deserts and dilapidated remnants of the pre-war era, becomes a character in its own right.  horizon.

The diverse landscapes, from the bustling New Vegas Strip to the unforgiving wasteland outskirts, created a sense of place rarely achieved in gaming. The capabilities of the consoles at the time contributed to an immersive experience that showcased the beauty and brutality of the post-apocalyptic world.

Dealers Choice

Fallout: New Vegas is renowned for its branching narrative and moral ambiguity. As the Courier, left for dead and on a quest for vengeance, players navigate a world teetering on the edge of chaos. The game levels of seamless transitions between dialogue, exploration, and combat, ensuring that players remained fully immersed in the unfolding story.

The game’s narrative structure, shaped by the player’s choices, introduced a level of agency rarely seen in the RPG genre. New Vegas really handles the intricacies of these branching paths well, delivering a storytelling experience that felt dynamic and reactive to the player’s decisions. The moral compass of the Mojave was in the hands of the player, and every decision rippled through the game world with consequences that felt weighty and significant.

You start out being shot in the head by Benny, voiced by the late great fan of the series Matthew Perry, all over a platinum poker chip. You are nursed back to health by a local doctor and head out for vengeance across a war-torn Mojave Wasteland. 


New Vegas distinguished itself by introducing a huge roster of memorable companions, each with their own personalities, backstories, and moral compasses. In Fallout 3 the morality level of the protagonist determines which followers will travel with you, in New Vegas this system is slightly changed. Followers in this game will join you after either speech checks, small missions or just meeting them, and each one has their own prejudices against different factions in the Mojave. For example, Arcade will actually respect you for saying that you want to at “hear what Caesar has to say” whereas Boone will open fire on any member of the Legion you come across without warning. 

Craig Boone-A quiet veteran sniper and spotter from an elite fighting force of the NCR, currently protecting the town of Novac. Taking Boone with you will mean you are walking through the Mojave and get jump-scared by Boone sniping a Nightstalker from across the whole map. A fierce hatred of Caesars Legion, and a fantastically emotional back story, highly powered and can be recruited early in game, Boone is a great choice for your adventure and is a perfect example of how a character in an RPG should be written. 

Bonus Perk-he acts as your spotter, highlighting any enemies in red when you aim. 

Arcade Israel Gannon-One of the few companions who can wear power armour, is there more to this Follower of the Apocalypse than meets the eye? You meet Arcade while exploring the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside where he is working as a researcher. Speaking Latin and knowing a lot about both history and technology Arcade is a true brainiac. The most complex character to build an affinity with, for reference check for our guide on the “for auld lang syne” mission here. This quest across the Mojave Wasteland will show you where he got this knowledge from in the post apocalypse, Arcade was born into the Enclave based out of Navarro and can call upon his father’s old squad to help in the Couriers ambitions. 

Bonus Perk-Arcade allows you to gain more health from all sources.

Lily Bowen the scariest grandma in the waste. A nightkin who makes her home in Jacobstown where she takes after the towns herd of brahmin. A freakishly fast mover and can act as a bullet sponge and a melee tank. She also comes equipped with a slightly split personality and some strange delusions and voice lines. 

Bonus Perk-The Courier now has double the time to spend while using a stealth-boy. 

Raul Alfonso Tejada, is there anyone more badass than Machete himself Danny Trejo? Trejo voices this ghoul companion who you can rescue from the top of Black Mountain. Armed with a revolver and a boiler suit Raul is not the strongest companion but offers a very useful perk, both with and without you. If recruited and told to wait at the Lucky 38 or at Black Mountain for you to return Raul can repair your gear for you. A cool and calm no nonsense follower with age and experience to boot. 

Bonus Perk-The Couriers gear loses up to 75% less durability when traveling with you. 

Sharon Cassidy-The Rose of Sharon Cassidy or simply ‘Cass’ is a down and out caravan owner founding drowning her sorrows at the bar at the Mojave Outpost. She is thereafter her caravan succumbed to the harshness of the waste and was wiped out alongside other caravan companies. 

Traveling with her and building a relationship takes you on a tour of these caravan attack sites, where upon you find a conspiracy that the Van Graffs and the Crimson Caravan joined forces to eliminate any competition. She can make you a powerful alcoholic drink if you find her the correct ingredients. 

Bonus perk- ‘Whiskey Rose’ the Courier gains the ability to increase their damage threshold when they drink whiskey and suffers no intelligence loss or any negative effects of alcohol addiction. 

Veronica Santangelo a dress seeking traveller out in the wastes with an ace up her sleeve…or is that just her Power Fist. You first meet Veronica at the 118-trading post, after a brief chat about where you’re heading and where you have come from, she approaches to idea of travelling together. If the Courier accepts, she will reveal to you that she is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel but is sort of banned from returning due to issues with the mysterious Father Elijah. 

She is outspoken about how the group is moving forward in the Mojave and offers a unique insight into what the Brotherhood is like. Even with the history between the Brotherhood and the NCR she is open to a truce between the Mojave chapter and NCR and depending on how relations go with the Brotherhood she can even decide to leave and join the Followers. 

Bonus Perk-She gives the Courier access to a mobile workbench and also has missions where she will introduce you to the Brotherhood of Steel. 

ED-E-a useful companion for the main game and a vital part of the Lonesome Road DLC. ED-E is a little eyebot you can repair very early into the game after you find them at Primm. ED-E works as a mobile workbench, reloading bench, repair service and energy weapon ammo creation. A strong companion from the start there are even options to upgrade the weapons and armour similar to giving you human companions new weapons. 

Bonus Perk- the Courier can detect enemies at an increased range on your compass and can be targeted in V.A.T.S even if cloaked. 

Rex– how could traversing the wastes of Nevada with a dog be better? Make it a robot dog. Little Rex is a loyal cyber-dog normally found at the side of ‘The King’. The King eventually entrusts you with finding someone to ‘repair’ Rex as his organic brain has begun to deteriorate, complete this mission and he gives Rex to you. Fast and strong with no loyalty to any of the games factions makes Rex a fantastic choice of companionship. 

Bonus Perk-Rex highlights items of values when you aim. 

Dead Money 

Christine Royce the estranged partner of Veronica from the base game she is a former Brotherhood scribe who is part of the Circle of Steel. The Circle of Steel is a faction within the Brotherhood who handles internal disputes. After the defeat at Helios-One Royce was sent out to hunt down Father Elijah and eliminate him. Found in a med-bot in the Sierra Madre Royce has been made mute but still helps the Courier massively in taking out Elijah and escaping the Sierra Madre.   

Dog/God, depending on the moment, is a nightkin with the dual-personality disorder caused by the nightkins recurring use of stealthboys. One personality is based on a ‘Dog’, obedient and hungry and ‘God’ Ruthless and calculating. He can be found in the the Police Station of the casino and you need to use stealth and awareness of mines and traps to recruit him.  

Dean Domino, you have seen the posters all across the Mojave for this famous pre-war lounge singer. Having performed all over the world was eventually invited to perform at the Sierra Madre. Domino became jealous of the owner however and enlisted his former lover Vera Keyes in a scheme to rob the owner Frederick Sinclair for everything he’s got.

At the gala he was meant to perform at the bombs dropped causing the high-tech security holograms to kick in. Domino survived the security system and the fallout from the bomb drop undergoing ghoulification. He has then spent the next 200 years planning out the heist perfectly, until he was captured by Dog/God and fitted with an explosive collar to work for Father Elijah. Also, as a slight change from the norm Deans voice has remained smooth and clear and unaltered by the effects of ghoulification. 

Honest Hearts 

Follows-Chalk– a young scout of the Dead Horse tribe. Named as he ‘follows the chalk’ drawings from more experienced scouts. A friendly companion who wants to have Zion return to peace. 

Waking Cloud– a midwife of the Sorrows tribe. Armed with medical knowledge and a Yao Guai gauntlet makes her a formidable companion. 


NCR-the New California Republic making another appearance in the Fallout series. They have been mentioned or have appeared in every game either as a database entry or as a main faction. This faction resembles the in real life modern world the closest, with paper money, taxes, government and all that good stuff. 

Caesars Legion– “True to Caesar” this faction is heavily heavily inspired by the old Roman Empire. With similar armour and an emphasis on melee combat along with slavery and crucifixion this new empire has plans to take over the wastes. Another similarity is how this vast army came relatively out of nowhere, one tribe had a dream, defeating other tribes and assimilating their warriors into their own forces. 

Brotherhood of Steel-a Fallout game wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from these power suit wearing tech buffs. This game however shows this Brotherhood chapter really on its knees. After being run out of their original base of Helios-One by the NCR the Brotherhood is now hiding out in the aptly named ‘Hidden Valley’. With its own protective sandstorm generator to hide comings and goings the Brotherhood have now become a cut-off shadow corp, but with a little assistance can become a formidable force once again. 

The Great Khans-the third incarnation of the raider group from Vault 15. After The Chosen One killed their leader in Fallout 2, the Khans were spread far and wide. They eventually came back together under the leadership of Papa Khan who led them from California to the Mojave as the Great Khans. Upon arrival the Followers of the Apocalypse reached out and taught them sciences in the hopes they would use it for good. However, they used it to make chems and began to deal them across the wastes becoming the most powerful tribe in the area. After attacks from Robert House and the Three Families and numerous clashes with the NCR, the Khans now live out of Red Rock Canyon licking their wounds.  

Followers of the Apocalypse-former allies to the NCR although still friendly with them. The Followers act like the British Red Cross who aren’t affiliated or involved in disputes, only there to provide education and medical help. Anyone from any background is allowed to join them, from Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave and even the Great Khans. A true humanitarian group in a the savage post war wasteland. 

The Powder Gangers– a group of prisoners with a passion for all things that go BANG. This group took over the NCR Correctional Facility which is now their headquarters. Although this eventually gets raided by the NCR, they have spread across the wastes blowing up NCR targets and intimidating towns like Goodsprings. 

The Boomers-an isolated by choice tribe of ex-Vault 34 dwellers now based out of Nellis Air Force Base. An overstocked armoury with no lock led to a gun obsessed society, and after a population boom the Overseer at the time locked the armoury. This led to riots which led to a damaged reactor and an uninhabitable vault. They left for the surface with any raider groups being no match for their training and firepower, they eventually found Nellis and its huge stockpile of armaments and howitzers. They are now self sufficient and launch artillery at anyone who comes nosing around.   

Crimson Caravan-the New Vegas branch of the Crimson Caravan Company is under the control of Alice McLafferty. Great wealth and coverage they are seemingly putting the rival caravans out of business…or is it through other means?

Mojave Express– based seemingly on the old Pony Express mail service from the Old West. They make a remarkably small appearance in the game even though that is who the Courier worked for to deliver the platinum chip. 

Gun Runners-guns, armour and bombs oh my! The Gun Runners have set up shop in Sin City, with crafting blueprints and the machinery to build them, make the Gun Runners the premier arms manufacturer and trader in the wastes. In what is now the norm in the real world the main store out in the wastes is ran via a robot at a kiosk. 

Fiends-the largest raider gang in the Mojave that consists of chem addicts or chem ‘fiends’ if you will. Led by Motor-Runner for years after several failed assassination attempts, they took over Vault 3 and the surrounding areas and are a real threat for the local NCR camps. The only faction they leave alone is the Great Khans who supply their chems and the occasional Legion spy who gives them information of NCR troop movements. 

Jackals-a small raider faction with savage and cannibalistic tendencies from Vault 15. Pushed into the Mojave Wasteland after being defeated by a precursor to the Great Khans known as Khans and the NCR. Once a pretty terrifying force they are now a small band of raiders.

Vipers– another group led out of Vault 15 became a nearly religious tribe of raiders who revered the Pit-Vipers, hence the name. After killing Head Paladin Rhombus back in the area around the Hub, the Brotherhood of Steel declared war and after constant attacks destroyed the raider clan within a single month. They are now roaming the Mojave Wasteland as raiders with little knowledge of their heritage. 

Scorpions-a small raider clan led by a women called Yvette who are often in battle with the Fiends. 

Bright Brotherhood-a group of ghouls who follow Jason Bright. An aptly named glowing one ghoul on a mission to repair some rockets at the REPCONN Test Site to complete the Great Journey and live in a radioactive promised land known as the “Far Beyond”. 

The Remnants– a squad of former Enclave soldiers hidden in plain sight across the Mojave. Can be recruited to your cause after completing the ‘For Auld Lang Syne’ mission from Arcade Gannon. Link to the mission guide here. 

Goodsprings– the small town where you start. Friendly people and close to a freshwater spring, a typical first RPG town. 

Primm– once a thriving settlement Primm has since been attacked by Powder Gangers with the residents holed up in a casino and their sheriff dead…but where there is a sheriff there is a deputy. 

Novac– one of the most recognisable visuals of Fallout New Vegas is the Dinky the Dinosaur rest stop. Protected by two former NCR snipers, this motel and trading post sees a lot of traffic from people all over the wastes. 

Jacobstown-a mountainous pre-war holiday park nestled in the North, now occupied by friendly super mutants and nightkin. Missions, collectables and good company to be had. 

Groups/Casinos on The Strip and Freeside

The Kings- it’s always an interesting conversation as to what archaeologists will think of modern things a thousand years in the future or indeed, after a nuclear war. A scavenger came across a strange building filled with information about someone who was seemingly revered as a deity. Impeccable style, commanding presence and one of the best singing voices ever the scavenger took the moniker ‘The King’ growing into the biggest gang on Freeside who support its independence—putting up a fight against both the Legion and the NCR if they take over New Vegas.  

The Garret Twins-Atomic Wrangler– running the only casino and…’adult club’ we should call them outside of the Strip. Although making money, as far as the Followers are concerned, through immoral means, they really do care about Freeside.  

Van Graffs- The Silver Rush– a ruthless set of twins who run a store with enough ordinance to make a Brotherhood Scribe hot under the collar. Underhand deals and some muscle secured their place at the top. 

Chairmen- The Tops– one of the most impressive casinos on the Vegas Strip even before the war and containing the Aces Theatre. Ran by Benny, the guy who shot you in the head, creates an authentic Vegas experience, full of swanky rooms, casinos and entertainment.  

Omertas- Gomorrah-pimps and gangsters run this casino. One of the biggest families on the Strip who also have a thriving weapon dealing business. 

White Glove Society-The Ultra-Luxe- the most luxurious and clean location in the wastes, with workers there all wearing suits and slightly creepy masks. They also have a fine dining experience to die for, and to die for you might. The casino was originally ran by a group of cannibals and there might just be some remnants of that there. 

Lucky 38-Mr House- a pre-war relic and monolith of Mr House’s vision of Vegas. Sealed for years with the Courier being the first person to enter since the war. Ran by Robert House sealed and preserved since before the war, he rules over the Strip with his securitron army.  


Fallout: New Vegas continued the tradition of delivering compelling downloadable content (DLC) expansions. New Vegas has four sets of story DLC, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road to expand the lore, introduced new challenges, and provided players with fresh perspectives on the Mojave Wasteland along with a wide array of new weapons and armour. 

The DLC’s delve into lore from other games and locations as well as into the dark mysterious backstory of the Courier him/herself. This is in a way never done before in these games where the protagonist, the hero of the story has a past of death and destruction on a nuclear level. 

Dead Money: Irradiated Ocean’s Eleven

Dead Money transports players to the opulent yet deadly Sierra Madre Casino, introducing a survival-horror atmosphere. Stripped of their equipment, players navigate a treacherous environment filled with toxic gas, ghostly holograms, and the ever-present threat of explosive collars.

With moral decisions and interesting companions, you also meet pre-war legend Dean Domino and the controversial Brotherhood exile Father Elijah. 

Honest Hearts: A quick and easy job…what could go wrong?

Honest Hearts takes players to the picturesque but dangerous Zion Canyon, introducing conflicts between various tribes and exploring themes of survival and redemption. The DLC offered a more open-world experience compared to the previous DLC Dead Money, allowing players to explore the scenic landscape at their own pace. I recommend tracking the story of The Survivalist who looked after the new tribes from afar. 

What starts out as a simple caravan protection job leads you to meet the elusive Burning Man Joshua Graham and take the lead in a war against the White Legs tribe. 

Old World Blues: Lose more than your mind in the Big Empty

Old World Blues took a humorous and eccentric turn, sending players to the Big Empty, a pre-war research facility filled with quirky, self-aware scientific experiments. The DLC embraced a more light-hearted tone, introducing bizarre characters and satirical humour while exploring themes of identity and the consequences of unchecked scientific ambition.

The level of technological equipment you get from this mission is IMENSE, a stealth suit with a built in AI, a .357 chambered mini gun spliced with the brain of a dog and some new energy weapons, this DLC adds a lot of fun into the game. More information about Father Elijah and the backstory to nightstalkers out in the wastes. 

Lonesome Road: two sets of footprints in the sand

Lonesome Road serves as the culmination of the Courier’s journey, bringing players face to face with Ulysses, a character shrouded in mystery. The DLC explores the consequences of past actions and introduces a linear yet impactful narrative that confronts the player with choices made throughout the game.

A change of form for games like this takes you into the destructive choices that the Courier made before the game even started that you don’t remember since the bullet to the head. You traverse through a destroyed area outside of the Mojave, with the toughest enemies in the game and brand new weapons of hell fire, this is what Point Lookout was to Fallout 3. 


With multiple factions to work with, six endings to achieve, four big DLC’s, plenty of places to explore and missions to complete. In true RPG fashion, this game is endlessly replay-able. 

Glitches and Performance Issues

While Obsidian successfully delivered an immersive and possibly the best Fallout experience, it wasn’t without its technical challenges. Fallout: New Vegas, like many expansive open-world games, suffered from occasional glitches, frame rate drops, and freezes. These issues, while not game-breaking, did momentarily disrupt the otherwise seamless immersion.


Fallout: New Vegas on the PlayStation 3 remains a testament to the enduring appeal of the Fallout series. The Mojave Wasteland, with its intricate storytelling, morally grey choices, and dynamic characters, came to life on the PS3, proving that a well-crafted narrative could transcend the technical limitations of console hardware.

As players embarked on the journey of the Courier, navigating the treacherous landscape of the Mojave, Obsidian beautifully rendered a world where every choice mattered, where the consequences of actions reverberated through the sands of the wasteland. Fallout: New Vegas on the PS3 is not just a game; it’s a testament to the power of storytelling and player agency in the realm of post-apocalyptic RPGs, a timeless journey through a Mojave Wasteland that continues to captivate players, even years after its initial release.


  • Interesting story
  • Interesting characters
  • A good weapon modification system
  • Fun setting


  • A remaster would be incredible

Matt Evans


At the very least this game is the second best in the Fallout series. The game is exactly what a compelling RPG should be, funny, dark, sci-fi, brutal, hopeful, immersive just simply excellent.

Matt Evans
PS3 Version Reviewed