Fans Are Upset Over This Batman Scene in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Batman

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice makes for an interesting take on the superhero as players take on the role of anti-heroes in a fight against supposed heroes. Except that these heroes are not themselves as they are controlled by a big villain, and are thereby functionally villains themselves. At its base, this game is putting the players in the shoes of the lesser of two evils, but with a heroic-like goal.

Yet, while the title of the game is suggestive of what might unfold, the deaths of beloved heroes are not something that’s easily accepted by the crowd. This is perhaps especially true when it’s as unceremonious as the demise of Batman in-game.

Batman’s dead

The issue is not so much as the DC hero dying, however. It is more so of how the hero died, as Redditor @SynthPotato put it. Which, in this case, involves him being too weak to do anything on a bench and then getting a lethal shot in the head. Said Redditor even described the nature of the death as somewhat lackluster in comparison to Gotham Knights.

Others, like Redditor @ManyATrueNerd, expressed their sadness over the likelihood that the death implied it was Kevin Conroy’s last performance as the Dark Knight. Conroy was the voice behind Batman before he died in 2022. IGN, however, reported that the deceased voice actor will still have two more post-humous voice roles in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, IGN’s Destin Legarie questions why some superhero games have a penchant for killing Batman. And that, as it appears, comes from someone who would otherwise like to play as the Caped Crusader still, whether it be in Gotham Knights or Suicide Squad.

However, for those who simply could not take the fact that heroes like The Bat dies, too, X/Twitter user Vaughn Fry implied that the only way that Arkham Batman lives is not to play Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.