Farming Life Simulation Game ‘Sunnyside’ Coming July 2024 For PS5

Developer RainyGames and publisher Merge Games have recently announced that their farming and life simulation game SunnySide will be coming to PlayStation 5 on July 10, 2024.

SunnySide is an innovative farming and life simulation set in a small diverse Japanese town with a compelling story to uncover. The game features an anime inspired cast of characters, modern farm-sim gameplay, over a hundred different crops to grow and more than 25 characters to meet. 

After a thousand year old sassy survey drone named Sparky rescues you from a cave in, you’re tasked with helping this new companion retrieve their lost memories and complete the last mission they remember: learn more about humans. Hang out with the local residents, listen to their stories, witness their lives, form bonds, attend events, and build a life you can be proud of.

You can watch the release date trailer below: