Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – A Deep Dive into Combat, Limit Breaks, Story, and Beyond!

Let’s take a deep dive into the recently announced systems, gameplay and story events that will take place in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth which has recently had its release date revealed!

The Square Enix PR machine is in full drive at the moment for the upcoming Final Fanrtasy VII Rebirth. A lot of information has come out recently across numerous Square Enix social medias and on the official Sony blog. We’re going to list them all for your ease of access. There is a lot to take in!

  • We are expected to have greatly enhanced features from the first Remake such as a vast open world to freely explore.
  • The story will unfold more dramatically than ever before with many rapid twists and turns. In particular they commented; “We know fans are dying to see one scene in particular”. This of course points to Aerith’s death scene in the original Final Fantasy VII. Maybe a chance to save her this time around?
What awaits us with Aerith?

We know fans are dying to see one scene in particular

Kitase – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Producer
  • A recap of the previous game will be provided to ensure new fans are caught up on the story.
  • They are embracing the concept of “free exploration” with compelling stories, fun mini-games, powerful monsters (maybe super bosses?), and more throughout the world map.
  • Apparently the game has around 100 hours of content!

We hope you will explore this world in great detail, as nearly 100 hours of adventure awaits.

Hamaguchi – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director
  • They incorporated feedback from the previous game such as increasing the number of characters.
  • They expect the next game to have an even higher quality bar once again.
  • Another interesting comment in the form of “we hope you will face the ending of this work on your own terms.” This alludes to the fact that they are once again changing something in the story from the original Final Fantasy VII.

There is also the looming question of what fate awaits. Whether you have experienced the original title or will embark on this adventure with fresh eyes, we hope you will face the ending of this work on your own terms.

Nomura – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Creative Director
  • There are new synergy moves. This new mechanic allows players to use synergy commands freely at any time by using up a gauge charge in a similar manner to limit breaks. This sounds like it doesn’t use ATB and uses it’s own charges.
  • Skill trees are added as a new element of character growth. Synergy abilities can be learned through these skill trees.
  • Many new materia and abilities which were not in the first game will be in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
  • Apparently, you can customize and build character loadouts.
  • The development team wanted to give Red XII a new playstyle to make him standout. Red XII has a revenge gauge mechanic which charges when he guards against enemy attacks. He can spend that charge to use various abilities once the gauge is filled. He is supposed to strike a balance between offense and defense.
  • They made it sound as if Vincent won’t be playable until the next title. If I had to guess this also applies to Cid.
Vincent may not be playable

The original party members are all present in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. In the previous title, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Red XIII became an accompanying member in the second half of the game, but he will become an official, playable party member starting from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Similarly, there are characters who are accompanying members in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, that will become official party members in the next title.

Nomura – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Creative Director
  • There will be many other summons in the game than what was shown.
  • There will be a new, extended side-content based on a summon who did not feature in the original Final Fantasy VII.
  • The parade mini-game as seen in the recent trailer is playable as the same original mini-game from Final Fantasy VII except he is now the leader of the parade unit and can adjust the composition of the soldiers participating in the parade.
  • The amount of mini-games in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will surpass the original! Some mini-games will have unlockable difficulty levels as you progress through the game.
  • A lot of unique side content and mini-games can be found as you explore the world map.
  • After your first encounter with Gold Saucer, you are free to return to it at any time.

Players will first visit the Gold Saucer in the middle section of the game but are then free to come back to it at any time they like. In order to create that motivation to make them want to come back, we designed the park to provide a changing and ever more wonderful experience with each visit, so new mini games are added, and harder difficulty modes are unlocked as the main story progresses, giving you even more to do there. It is not just the mini games either, and the parts of the Gold Saucer seen in the main story have also been fully remade and upgraded too, so you can expect great things from it.

Hamaguchi – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director
  • A lot of emphasis has been put into the exploration side of the game.
  • There are Chocobos unique to each region that will have their own abilities (mountain climbing, flying).
  • The world map is vast and expansive. Not all of it is used purely for the main story.
  • The amount of side content is nearly double the amount of story content.
  • After the main quest moves on from a specific area, you are free to return to that area at any stage without fear of losing side quest progress.
  • You can control Sephiroth! It occurs in the same scene as the original game.

If you played the original Final Fantasy VII, I’m sure you can guess which scene I’m talking about. You will be able to control Sephiroth in the same scene in this title as you did in the original.

Nomura – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Creative Director
  • Wutai is not part of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and will feature in the next title.
  • The story of the game will proceed up to “The Forgotten Capital”. I wonder what will happen there?

That’s all folks! I hope you found some use from this list. More information on the information provided here can be found on the official PlayStation blog.